Wedding of Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer, 1981

The Prince of Wales married Lady Diana Spencer at St. Paul’s Cathedral, in what was later dubbed the ‘Wedding of the Century’, on this day in 1981. Click HERE to take a look at the wedding. To mark the day, we are featuring the entire wedding in high quality 4K, made available for the first time last year:


One thought on “Wedding of Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer, 1981

  1. So much has been made of this wedding that I’m afraid it was a bad thing. Nobody could ever live up to the huge publicity surrounding these two people. The press gave them so much coverage and hype from day one to where they became larger than life, even an obsession for many people. Unfortunately, it had a very sad ending, and as a result of all the hype, a lot of people have no recovered from it yet. At least one can say that the two sons they had have grown up to be good people. They seem to have every desire to do good, to take advantage of their privileged position in order to help others. And that is a very good thing indeed.

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