Wedding of Prince Akishino of Japan, 1990

The Wedding of Prince Fumahito and Princess Kiko of Akishino (wearing her Tiara) at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo on this day in 1990, the first wedding of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko’s (in the Imperial Chrysanthemum Tiara) children. The couple have three children, and are expected to become the Crown Prince and Crown Princess upon the abdication of the Emperor next year, and the accession of his elder brother, Crown Prince Naruhito.


3 thoughts on “Wedding of Prince Akishino of Japan, 1990

  1. I absolutely love that picture of Princess Kiko fixing her new husband’s hair! Such a display of public affection is a happy sight but amazingly rare in the JIP. I wish it happened more! The Empress looks marvelous in the Chrysanthemum tiara. Happy Anniversary! 🙂

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