Dutch State Visit to Luxembourg, 2012

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima will start their State Visit to Luxembourg tomorrow, and we are taking a look at the last Dutch State Visit in 2012.

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On Day 1, Queen Beatrix was welcomed by the Hereditary Grand Duke at the airport before being welcomed and inspecting the guard with the Grand Ducal couple at the Grand Ducal Palace. Afterwards the Queen laid a wreath at the Monument national de la solidarité luxembourgeoise and visited various political leaders. In the evening, Grand Duke Henri (in the Dutch Order of the Netherlands Lion) and Grand Duchess Maria Theresa (wearing the Vine Leaves Tiara and the Dutch Order of the Netherlands Lion) hosted a State Banquet for Queen Beatrix (in Queen Emma’s Diamond Tiara and the Order of the Gold Lion of Order Nassau).

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The following day, the Queen and Grand Duke visited Belval by train before having lunch at the Château de Bourglinster with the Grand Ducal Family. In the evening, Queen Beatrix hosted a Return Concert of the baroque Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century at the Cercle Cité.

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On the final day, Queen Beatrix and Grand Duke Henri visited the Université de Luxembourgin Limpertsberg before a Reception for Dutch citizens at the Cercle Cité and the departure of the Queen in the early afternoon.


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  1. The tiaras from the 2012 state visit were much more restrained than I would have expected! I look forward to seeing what the M-T and Maxima wear this time around.

  2. I’m enjoying your blog! In all the royal wedding hype, I have also created a royal watching blog from an American perspective.

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