Princess Elizabeth in Greece, 1950

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will be starting their (first and second) visit to Greece tomorrow. In honour of the event, we are taking a look at the Queen’s only visit to the country of her in-laws, in 1950.

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After arriving in Athens, the Princess and Duke spent time with his family at the Tatoi Palace. Events included a State Procession and a visit to the Acropolis with King Paul, Queen Frederica, now Queen Sofia, now King Constantine, Princess Irene, and King Michael of Romania.

4 thoughts on “Princess Elizabeth in Greece, 1950

  1. I watched the short video and there it said that the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh had arrived in the HMS Magpie. I believe that was the Duke’s command! I had no idea he had captained it around the Mediterranean with his wife on board! Very cool!

    1. I always found it interesting how the Queen only visited Greece once, but it must have made sense if they were in the area!

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