New Portraits of the Dutch Royal Family

The Dutch Royal House has released a series of striking new portraits of the Royal Family to mark King Willem-Alexander’s 5th Anniversary of Accession and his 51st Birthday! The photographs were taken by Erwin Olaf at the Royal Palace of Amsterdam.

The first set are Official Portraits, featuring the Royal Couple in full evening dress and formal poses, which we can expect to see in Royal Palaces, Government Buildings, Schools, and Airports around the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean. King Willem-Alexander wore White Tie with the Sash and Star of the Military William Order and the Star of the Order of the Netherlands Lion. Queen Máxima wore her bespoke Jan Taminiau gown inspired by the Japanese Room at the Huis ten Bosch Palace (one of my favourite gowns on her) with the Dutch Sapphire Tiara, large Sapphire Earrings, Big Sapphire Bow Brooch, Sapphire Bracelets, and the Sash and Star of the Order of the Netherlands Lion.

The second series of portraits are more relaxed, including the three Princesses: the Princess of Orange, Princess Alexia, and Princess Ariane, and feature a glamorous family photo. There are also individual portraits of the Princesses, as well as a group photo of just the three of them.


3 thoughts on “New Portraits of the Dutch Royal Family

  1. What a beautiful family! The young Princesses are all beautiful and yet each one is very much her own person, it would seem.

  2. They seem to get along so well, don’t they. I guess when the couple love each other, the children benefit greatly from it. They look lovely!

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