Wedding of the Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandra of Denmark, 1863

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The Wedding of the Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandra of Denmark (wearing her Wedding Gift Necklace) at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle on this day in 1863. While there was a plethora of glittering and colourful royal guests from from around Europe and the Empire, Despite his numerous affairs, the couple had a happy marriage, having six children, and succeeded to the throne in 1901. This was the first Royal Wedding at St George’s Chapel, which will see two more weddings this year.

While Queen Victoria, in perpetual mourning, watched the ceremony from Catherine of Aragon’s Closet overlooking the left side of the altar, other Royal Guests and Relatives included Prince and Princess Christian of Denmark (parents of the Bride), the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Prussia (sister of the groom), Prince and Princess Ludwig of Hesse and by Rhine (sister of the groom, wearing the Hesse Strawberry Leaf Tiara), King Leopold I of the Belgians (great-uncle of the groom), the Count of Flanders, the Duchess of Brabant, the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (uncle of the groom), the Prince of Leiningen (uncle of the groom), Maharajah Duleep Singh, and the Duke of Holstein among many other illustrious Noble Guests which included the Duchess of Wellington (in the Wellington Tiara) and Countess Spencer (wearing the Spencer Honeysuckle Tiara).


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  1. I am always curious about these wedding dresses that appear to have real flowers sewn on them. Does anyone know if they were real? Or were they artificial blooms? Whatever they were, they certainly added to the the overall “busyness” of these gowns.

  2. On reading about this wedding, it occurred to me that must have been so daunting to have Queen Victoria as a mother-in-law. But I guess it was daunting to have her a mother as well!!!

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