The Coronation

The Coronation, a new BBC programme which aires at 20:00 GMT on January 14th features a rare exclusive conversation with the Queen (glittering in the Cullinan III & IV Brooch). It looks at the role of the Crown Jewels and Regalia during the Queen’s lavish 1953 Coronation and her father’s 1937 Coronation. The programme also solves one of the biggest mysteries- What happened to the Crown Jewels during WWII? It was revealed they were buried in a biscuit tin in the grounds of Windsor Castle, such a well kept secret that even the Queen found out during the filming of this programme. The Coronation is part of a BBC series on the Royal Collection, which will all be featured on The Royal Watcher.


3 thoughts on “The Coronation

  1. I just watched the program and it was excellent! I highly recommend it to any Anglophile or lover of jewels! 🙂

  2. I think it’s ridiculous and selfish that people are blocked, on this side of the World, from watching it. Commonwealth countries should be allowed to see the documentary. Is there a link that’s not ‘blocked for copyright reasons’?

    1. It is ridiculous, but unfortunately I haven’t found another link to the unblocked programme available globally! However, it won’t be long until it is back on youtube (sadly only for a limited time again) and I will update this page with that video then!

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