Bal Des Petits Lits Blancs, 1962

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Prince Albert and Princess Paola (wearing her Gold Filigree Tiara) of Belgium attend the Bal Des Petits Lits Blancs on the Liner France in Le Havre, France on this day in 1962. Other guests included Prince Alexander and Princess Maria Pia of Yugoslavia, Prince Michael (second husband of Princess Maria Pia) and Princess Yolande of Bourbon Parma, and Audrey Hepburn. The Bal raised 350,000 francs to be distributed among charities.



One thought on “Bal Des Petits Lits Blancs, 1962

  1. I wonder if the “Gold Filigree Tiara” still exists. I don’t even recall seeing pictures of Queen Paola wearing it as a necklace. She always favored using one of her two diamond necklaces when she wore a tiara. BTW, Queen Paola’s hairdo is huge. And I suddenly realized that the towering, humongous 18th century hairdos à la Marie Antoinette aren’t as outrageous as I thought!

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