Året i Kongehuset

The Scandinavian Royal Families have released their annual ‘Year with the Royal Family’ Documentaries. Among them is “Året i Kongehuset” from Denmark, which features interviews from the Royal Family and highlights from the entire year, including the Belgian State Visit and Prince Henrik’s Dementia Diagnosis.

The Documentary is in Danish, but the captions can be set to English!


One thought on “Året i Kongehuset

  1. This was such a poignant documentary. It reports on many happy occasions, but it also brings to the fore the sad story of Prince Henrik’s medical diagnosis. So many things about Prince Henrik’s behavior are explained by that terrible disease. I know some in the documentary were saying that the revelation should have happened earlier, before he made his comments regarding his desire to be king and the whole burial place controversy. But I know how hard it must have been for the family to finally accept that the husband and father they knew and loved is no more. My thoughts and prayers are with him, Queen Margrethe, and his entire family.

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