Prince Harry in Denmark

Prince Harry is on a two day visit to Copenhagen, Denmark fromOctober 25th to 26th at the request of The Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This is his first official visit to Denmark, and he will be spending time with young Danes making a real difference in fields including business, sports and social development.

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After arriving in Copenhagen, Prince Harry had an Audience with Queen Margrethe II of Denmark at Amalienborg Palace, where he was formally welcomed. Next, he visited KPH Projects, a community for innovative start-ups and small growing businesses, which all have a shared focus to improve society by working with social, cultural or environmental objectives. Prince Harry met with the KPH founders and entrepreneurs, and attended a start-up business event. When departing, he had a chance to meet with some of the crowds gathered outside.

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Afterwards, Prince Harry visited the headquarters of GAME, an NGO with a mission to create lasting social change through youth-led street sports and culture, where he met young volunteers known as ‘Playmakers’ who are encouraged to take a role as peer educators, and leaders of activities for youth including those from less advantaged neighbourhoods. Prince Harry learned about these programmes and viewed activities including basketball, parkour, and dance classes, before hearing from young people for whom GAME has become an important part of their lives.

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In the evening, Prince Harry attended a reception hosted by the British Ambassador to Denmark at the famous Tivoli Gardens, where he met a selection of Danish figures including from the worlds of sports, business, politics, arts and culture, and gave a speech.

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