Queen dines with Army, 1956

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The Queen (wearing Queen Alexandra’s Kokoshnik Tiara with her Greville Chandelier Earrings and the George VI Festoon Necklace) and members of the Royal Family dined with the Army in the Great Hall of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in 1956!

The Queen Mother wore the Oriental Circlet Tiara and the Crown ruby parure.

Princess Margaret wore the Halo Scroll Tiara.

Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester wore the Teck Turquoise Tiara.

Princess Mary Countess of Harewood wore the Harewood Scroll Tiara with the large sapphire center, the necklace from Queen Victoria’s sapphire parure, and her Russian Sapphire Stomacher.

Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent wore the Cambridge Sapphire Parure.

Mary, Duchess of Devonshire wore her Sapphire Necklace Tiara.

Cynthia, Countess Spencer, grandmother of Diana, Princess of Wales, wore the Spencer Honeysuckle Tiara.

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  1. Oh, what fun it was to read this post! I love watching old videos because I can see all the wonderful jewels in use, and this was quite an array! We even got to see the Spencer Honeysuckle tiara in use! Most of the time we just see the other Spencer tiara, but not this one. I don’t even know if it still exists! The late Princess Diana never wore it- at least I’ve never seen a photo of her wearing it. And I don’t think the wives of the current Earl of Spencer have worn it either. I don’t know why this tiara is given such little love. Maybe it’s very heavy or difficult to wear, but I think it’s very pretty!

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