Princess Diana’s Spencer Choker

August 31st will mark the 20th Anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, one of the most iconic women of the last century. In honour of her death anniversary, we are featuring 20 of her most iconic jewels. Today’s feature is her Spencer Pearl Choker, which was an 18th Birthday gift from her father-

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One of the few jewels worn before the wedding, the then Lady Diana Spencer wore her birthday gift choker a dinner at Althrop, her first Trooping the Colour, and royal Ascot in 1981, when she was still a royal fiancée.

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One of the next appearances was for a photoshoot during the Prince and Princess of Wales’ honeymoon in August 1981.

In 1982, the Spencer Pearl Choker was worn for the Trooping the Colour.

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A favourite during her first pregnancy, the Princess of Wales wore the choker at Royal Ascot and her last engagement before the birth of Prince William.

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Famous appearances of the Spencer Pearl Choker included one of her first evening engagements after Prince William’s birth (when rumours of an eating disorder went into overdrive) and the Dutch State Visit to Britain.

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The choker was a frequent choice during the Wales’ first foreign tour, to New Zealand and Australia.

In 1984, the Princess wore her Spencer Pearl Choker for the Christening of Prince Harry.

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At some point in the mid-1980s, the Princess of Wales replaced the turquoises in the clasp of the choker with pearls.

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As her jewelry collection grew, appearances of the Spencer Pearl Choker were few, as the Princess favoured more modern styles, as opposed to the traditional style of the choker.

One of the last appearances of the Spencer Pearl Choker was in 1987, for a Banquet at Claridges Hotel in 1987. It hasn’t been seen since, and, IMHO, I doubt it will be seen again, as the style of the choker (popular in the 80s) has long gone out of fashion, and the Duchess of Cambridge (the only possible wearer right now) rarely wears necklaces.

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