Princess Diana’s Qatar Pearl Earrings

August 31st will mark the 20th Anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, one of the most iconic women of the last century. In honour of her death anniversary, we are featuring 20 of her most iconic jewels. Today’s feature is her Qatar Pearl and Diamond Earrings-

Composed of a modern diamond floral cluster with pear-shaped pearls suspended from a chain of diamonds, these earrings were a wedding gift to the Princess from the Emir of Qatar.

The Princess of Wales wore these earrings soon after the wedding. While never a favourite, these earrings were worn to quite a few notable events, including visits to Australia, Canada, and Norway and a couple of Royal Gala Performances.

The Qatar Pearl Earrings continued to be popular for evening events on foreign trips, including visits to Qatar (understandably), Bahrain, Germany, Paris, and Hungary.

After being worn on a trip to India in 1992, these earrings remained unworn during the period of separation of the Prince and Princess. The final appearance of the Qatar Pearl Earrings was at a private viewing of her dresses on auction at Christie’s in aid Of The Aids Crisis Trust and The Royal Marsden Hospital Cancer Fund in June 1997. After her untimely death, the earrings passed to Prince William and Princess Harry but haven’t been seen since.

Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge has worn a couple of her late mother-in-law’s pearl jewels. Will we see these earrings next??

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 11.20.13 PM


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