Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Poland

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, accompanied by Prince George and Princess Charlotte, are on a five-day visit of Poland and Germany on advice from the British Government. They will meet a variety of business, government and civil leaders. On July 17th, they started their visit in Poland.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte landed at Warsaw airport before boing to the British Embassy. The Duke and Duchess were officially welcomed by President Duda and the First Lady at the Presidential Palace and attended a luncheon before a walkabout to the monument of Adam Mickiewicz.

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Afterwards, they traveled to the Warsaw Rising Museum, which is dedicated to the uprising of 1944 which saw the Polish resistance Home Army attempt to liberate Warsaw from German occupation. The Duke and Duchess toured the museum and met with veterans before lighting candles in memory of those involved in the Rising at the Wall of Remembrance. Next, the Duke and Duchess visited the Heart in the Warsaw Spire building, joining young Polish entrepreneurs at a busy, bustling event which included a tech market-place. This event marked the beginning of a ‘Warsaw-London bridge’ initiative that aims to help small Polish businesses access London’s unique opportunities for scaling up to become global players.

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That evening, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended a Queen’s Birthday Party hosted by the British Ambassador at the the picturesque Orangery in Łazienki Park. The Duke gave a speech.

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For the day events, the Duke wore a navy suit with a red tie. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a white Alexander McQueen peplum coat with a new pair of ruby and diamond earrings, a pendant, and a ring. In the evening, the Duke wore a navy suit with a blue tie. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a new dress by Polish designer Gosia Baczynska with her Balenciaga pearl earrings and the pearl necklace worn in Paris.

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  1. Gosh, I really wished the Duchess would wear less faux jewelry! Why wear faux when you can wear real, I say. The dress at the dinner was a very nice silhouette for her. I don’t quite understand the geometric random design in the skirt, but overall she looked very nice. I thought her hair was especially becoming to her. The Polish First Lady looked very nice as well, especially in the morning activities. Prince William must have a closet full of blue suit, right? I can’t remember the last time he wore a different color, other than when he’s attending a black or white tie affair. Good thing this isn’t the 70’s or he’d he wearing a blue tuxedo too! Remember those? And the frilly shirts? Oh, my! Hehehehe…. 🙂

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