Christie’s Important Jewels- 13 June 2017

Take a look at the large amount of Royal and Noble Jewels on auction at the Christie’s Important Jewels Sale in London on 13 June 2017-

Pendant Necklace | Emerald Brooch |Diamond-Set Brooch

Estimate: 5,000 — 7,000 GBP | 5,000 — 7,000 GBP |4,500 — 5,500 GBP Sold: 20,000 GBP| 8,125 GBP |8,125 GBP

Property of a Noble Indian Lady

A spessartine garnet, enamel, and rose-cut diamond pendant necklace, circa 1910, an emerald and gold bead brooch, signed Cartier London, and a diamond set gold brooch, circa 1950, signed Cartier London, come from the collection of a Noble Indian Lady.

Pearl and Diamond PendantPearl and Diamond Bracelet

Estimate: 5,000 — 8,000 GBP | 5,000 — 7,000 GBP Sold: 20,000 GBP| 7,500 GBP |

Property of a member of the Royal House of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach  

A natural pearl, enamel, and diamond pendant and a natural pearl and diamond bracelet, circa 1920, is the Property of a member of the Royal House of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach. The bracelet comes from the collection of Princess Feodora of Saxe-Meiningen, Grand Duchess of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (1890–1972) and was worn in a Portrait HERE.

Three Diamond Brooches | Emerald and Diamond Brooch | Onyx, Pearl and Diamond Brooch | Pearl and Diamond Earrings | Diamond Brooch

Estimate: 5,000 — 8,000 GBP | 5,000 — 7,000 GBP |5,000 — 8,000 GBP | 5,000 — 7,000 GBP |5,000 — 8,000 GBP Sold: 31,200 GBP|50,000 GBP|60,000 GBP|20,000 GBP|7,500 GBP

Property of a European Princess  

Three diamond openwork flowerhead cluster brooches, with a twisted gold necklace, signed Monture Cartier, an emerald and diamond shield-shaped brooch, circa 1950, signed monture Cartier, a pearl, diamond, and onyx brooch, a pair of pearl and diamond earrings, circa 1890, and a diamond flower brooch, circa 1880, are all listed as coming from the collection of a European Princess. (Not sure if it is the same Princess or a couple of different Princesses)

Gem-Set Brooch | Diamond Bracelet

Estimate: 1,500 — 3,000 GBP | 1,500 — 2,000 GBP Sold: 7,250 GBP|2,250 GBP

From a European Royal House

A gem-set brooch by Cartier, circa 1989, and a pearl and diamond bracelet, circa 1910, come from a European Royal House.

Jabot Pin

Estimate: 15,000 — 20,000 GBP Sold: 40,000 GBP

From a European Noble Family

This Art Deco ‘Tutti Frutti’ Jabot Pin, by Cartier, circa 1925, comes from the collection of a European Noble Family.

Diamond Star Parure

Estimate: 100,000 — 150,000 GBP Sold: 317,000 GBP

From a Noble Family

Comprising a tiara, necklace, and a pair of pear shaped diamond ear pendants, this Victorian diamond star suite by Collingwood & Son, circa 1870, features 14 detachable diamond stars and comes from the collection of a Noble Family.

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Christie’s Important Jewels- 13 June 2017

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