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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry officially opened The Global Academy in support of Heads Together on April 20th in London. The Global Academy is a school designed to prepare students for careers in the broadcast and digital media industry, offering academic and vocational training. The Academy has an hour of mental wellbeing on the curriculum every week, recognising the issue and removing the stigma associated with it. The Duke, Duchess, and Prince have been focusing of their Heads Together campaign this month ahead of the London marathon. Click HERE to hear Prince Harry’s Podcast, HERE to see Prince William’s FaceTime Conversation with Lady Gaga, and HERE to look at the Duchess hosting a group of Heads Together London Marathon runners.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry visited the Heart Breakfast Show and LBC’s Nick Ferrari Show to see the programme in action and meet students helping to produce the material. They will individually visited a classroom, where pupils were learning about the science of sound, the student radio station where pupils are working on a mental wellbeing project, and an audio project listening to EMI’s vinyl recording of early speeches of the Royal Family.

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The Duke, Duchess, and Prince also joined a roundtable discussion with Global presenters, LBC’s Nick Ferrari, Heart’s Jamie Theakston & Emma Bunton and Capital’s Roman Kemp, as well as students and people who have taken part in the morning radio shows, to talk about the importance of having a conversation about mental health. The Duke also unveiled a EMI microphone which was created for King George VI in 1936, when the Global Academy was 1st officially opened. The visit ended with an assembly featuring work of students focused on talking about mental wellbeing, after which the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry officially opened the Global Academy.

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The Duke of Cambridge wore a grey blazer with a white shirt. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a red Armani suit with her Mapin & Web Empress earrings and pendant. Prince Harry wore a navy blazer with a blue shirt.

Note: I usually don’t comment, but I wanted to add that I am very happy that the Duke, Duchess, and Prince are tackling this important issue and removing some of the stigma surrounding the issue. I started this blog at a time I was suffering with depression, and I know firsthand how this issue affects a person’s life. I was unable to talk to anyone, so I put my efforts into writing this blog, which led me on the path to recovery. It’s great knowing that the Royals are working to open the conversation around mental health.

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