Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall in Italy- Day 1

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall started their 6-day Visit to Italy in Florence on March 31st. They will visit Vicenza, Naples, Amatrice and Rome as well as the Vatican. On the afternoon of March 31st, the Prince arrived in Florence after a 3-day visit in Romania, where the Duchess joined him. The couple posed on a historic bridge in Florence, and visited the British Institute. 

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The Prince of Wales arrived at Pisa Airport on a private jet after a three day tour of Romania on the afternoon of March 31st, at the start of a 6-day tour of Italy. The Duchess had arrived in Italy on a commercial flight earlier.

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The Prince and Duchess went on a tour through the city and posed on the famous Santa Trinita Bridge.

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Later, they visited the British Institute to to help celebrate its 100th anniversary.

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On Day 1, the Prince of Wales wore a double-breasted suit with a pink tie. The Duchess of Cornwall wore a polka-dotted dress with a white blazer and her Everyday Pearl Pendent earrings.

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