Royal Condolences for Westminster Attack

Royals from around the world have been sending messages of condolence to London after the despicable terrorist attack in Westminster on the 21st. Here are some of the messages;

United Kingdom

Queen Elizabeth II sent a message to the Acting Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, Craig Mackey, saying.

Following the shocking events in Westminster, Prince Philip and I are sorry that we will not be able to open the New Scotland Yard building as planned today, for very understandable reasons.  I look forward to visiting at a later date.

My thoughts, prayers, and deepest sympathy are with all those who have been affected by yesterday’s awful violence.

I know I speak for everyone in expressing my enduring thanks and admiration for the members of the Metropolitan Police Service and all who work so selflessly to help and protect others.


The Duchess of Cambridge said before her speech at an engagement on March 23rd,

Before I begin, I know you would all want to join me in sending our thoughts and prayers to all those sadly affected by yesterday’s terrible attack in Westminster.  We will be thinking of all the families, as we discuss the important issues we’re here to talk about.


The Spanish Royal House tweeted;

“Conmocionados por el atentado de Londres, toda nuestra solidaridad con el pueblo británico y sus instituciones en la lucha contra el terror.”

which translates into

“Shocked by the bombing of London, our solidarity with the British people and their institutions in the fight against terror.”

Queen Letizia also spoke about the attack in a speech on March 23rd;

Given the circumstances and horrible attack that took place yesterday in London, let me begin by expressing my deepest condolences and sympathy for all those affected and their families. We all stand firmly together against any form of terror or threat to our common values of freedom…”


The Belgian Royal House tweeted, “Just called HM the Queen to share our nation’s deepest condolences. Our thoughts are with the victims and injured of


The Swedish Royal House released this statement;

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


The Queen and I wish to convey our sincere condolences on the tragic loss of lives following the dreadful attack in London yesterday. We offer our heartfelt sympathies to the families of the victims and to the people of the United Kingdom.


Royal Palace, Stockholm

23 March 2017


The Jordanian Royal Twitter released a statement saying,

His Majesty King Abdullah II condemns the attack on the British Parliament & extends his condolences to the families of the victims



Grand Duke of Henri of Luxembourg sent this message to the Queen;

Your Majesty

The Grand Duchess and I are shocked to hear about the news of terrible events yesterday near Westminster.


Grand Duke of Luxembourg



Prince Albert of Monaco sent the following message;

It was with a deep emotion that I learnt of  the criminal attack on Westminster’s Bridge and Houses of Parliament yesterday


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  1. Thanks so much for pulling all of these together. I truly think heartfelt messages of condolences, resilience, and hope mean a lot to the recipient countries. Great post, as always. 🙂

    1. I’m glad you appreciate my work. These messages show the recipient that the world stands on their side, and together we can fight terror. Thank You for you nice and encouraging words!

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