Canadian State Visit to Sweden- Day 2

On Day 2 of the Canadian State Visit to Sweden, King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia of Sweden attended a trade seminar, visited the Karolinska Institute, had lunch at the Stockholm City Hall, and attended a return reception at the Vasa Museum with Governor General David Johnston and the Viceregal Consort of Canada. The Governor General, who is the Canadian Head of State as the Federal Viceregal representative of the Monarch of Canada, currently Queen Elizabeth II, is on a four-day State Visit to Sweden.

In the morning of Day 2, King Carl Gustav and Governor General David Johnston attended a trade seminar on Swedish-Canadian business opportunities at the Rosenbad Conference Centre. The Queen and Viceregal Consort visited NASP (National Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention of Mental ill-Health) at the Karolinska Institute for discussions on research, where they were joined by the King and Governor General for a visit to Anna Falk’s laboratory, which uses 3D bioskrivare in research for, among other things to study living tissue and the development of nerve cells.

Later, both couples were joined by Prince Carl Phillip and Princess Sofia for lunch at the Stockholm City Hall, with Mayor Eva Louise Erlandsson Slorach and Finance Commissioner Karin Wanngård. Afterwards, the King and Governor General visited the Royal Academy of Sciences, and learned about learning and education as the basis of innovation and development of society. The Queen and Viceregal Consort visited the Aging Research Center

In the evening, the Governor General and Viceregal Consort hosted a ‘Friends of Canada’ return Reception for the King, Queen, Prince Carl-Phillip, and Princess Sofia at the Vasa Museum in Stockholm. They had culinary creations showcasing Canadian and Swedish ingredients.


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