6 Royal Scandals

6 Royal Scandals | British Pathé

British Pathé on Youtube celebrated December as European Monarchy Month, one of many videos they released highlighted 6 Royal Scandals, featuring footage from their archive. The first scandal displayed the Constitutional Crisis which led to the end of the reign of King Leopold III. The second scandal highlighted the famous Abdication Crisis which led to the abdication of King Edward VIII. Another royal scandal was recorded by Pathé in 1969, when Spanish Dictator Franco appointed Prince Juan Carlos as his successor. The lovely Princess Grace also caused a crisis when she announced she was going to star in a movie after her marriage, which caused an outcry by Monaco’s population. Princess Irene of the Netherlands caused a scandal in 1963, when she converted to Roman Catholicism before marrying the controversial Duke of Parma. The last scandal featured was of the tragic love story of Princess Margaret and Group Captain Peter Townsend.


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