Bertie & Elizabeth

Most people are suffering from the lack of a Royal TV series after finishing Netflix The Crown. Today, we will look at a film which I regard to be the predecessor* of The Crown, Bertie & Elizabeth, which focuses on the lives of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, parents of the current Queen. One similarity is that Queen Mary is played by Dame Eileen Atkins in both The Crown and in Bertie & Elizabeth. The movie focuses on the romance and marriage of the then Duke of York and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. The ongoing theme is of Bertie & Elizabeth’s devotion for each other and how they support each other through the King’s stammer and the abdication crisis of 1936, eventually leading to WWII, and how the King and Queen grew into their role and single-handedly saved the British Monarchy during the turbulent period. It ends at the death of the King in 1952.

*This opinion is entirely my own, and is not supported by the makers of both The Crown and Bertie & Elizabeth.

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