Nobel Prize Ceremony 2016

The Swedish Royal Family attended the annual Nobel Prize Ceremony and Banquet  in Stockholm on December 10th. King Carl XVI Gustav personally awarded the Prize to each Nobel Laureate. The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in Oslo earlier on the same day in the presence of the Norwegian Royal Family. The King’s sister, Princess Cristina wasn’t able to attend as she is suffering from chronic leukemia.

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia were joined by Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl-Phillip, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine, and Christopher O’Neil. The Nobel Laureates received their Nobel Medal, Nobel Diploma and a document confirming the Nobel Prize amount from King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden at the Concert Hall in Stockholm. A winner was American singer, Bob Dylan for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition” Only Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel join the King and Queen on the stage, while Prince Carl-Phillip, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine, and Christopher O’Neil sat in the audience.

After the Prize Ceremony, the members of the Royal Family and the Nobel Laureates attended a Banquet at the Blue Hall of the City Hall in Stockholm. They processed down the balcony and the grand staircase, before sitting at the central table. The first toast was in honour of the King by  Professor Carl-Henrik Heldin (Chairman of the Board of Nobel Foundation), while the second was in honour of  Alfred Nobel’s memory made by HM King Carl Gustaf. The Royals and their guests watched three musical performances before dinner was served. Afterwards, they listed to speeches from a laureate of each category, and attended an “after Banquet” reception before departing the City Hall after midnight.



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