The Other Prince William

The Queen’s debonair cousin, Prince William of Gloucester (namesake of the Duke of Cambridge), may have tragically died in 1972, but he lives on in the memory of his family and his secret Hungarian lover, Zsuzsi Starkloff, who he met in Tokyo. The Other Prince William explores the life and love affair of this dashing prince, whose life was cut short when his plane crashed to the ground in an air race, and features an exclusive interview by Zsuzsi Starkloff about her memories of her royal lover. Upon his death, his brother, Prince Richard, became heir to the Dukedom of Gloucester.

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  1. Prince William died on August 28, 1972. His brother did not succeed him as duke because he himself had not succeeded their father, who was still alive. Henry did not die until June 10, 1994, when he was succeeded by Richard.

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