Wedding of Baroness Julia von Perfall

Baroness Julia von Perfall married Johannes Springorum in Türkenfeld on August 27th. Baroness Julia is the daughter of Countess Maria of Waldburg-Wolfegg-Waldsee (a gossip reporter for BUNTE) and her husband Benedikt Baron von Perfall. 

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The wedding ceremony took place at the Church of the Assumption in Türkenfeld, followed by a reception at Greifenberg Castle. Among the celebrity guests were television presenter Uschi Dämmrich of Luttitz, Erich Prince von Lobkowicz, and Baroness Manuela von Perfall, aunt of the bride and famous author. The Bride wore a white wedding gown with a lace bodice and a lace veil fixing a small diamond trellis tiara. The groom wore morning dress with a pale blue waistcoat and a dotted tie.

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