Royals at the Olympics 2016- Day 4

Royals from the UK, Denmark, Luxembourg, and Monaco were spotted on August 9th, Day 4 of the Rio Olympics 2016. The Princess Royal, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, and Prince of Monaco were spotted at swimming races, while Crown Prince Fredrick of Denmark was seen at a tennis match. Prince Joachim’s family visited the Olympic Village.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 2.44.14 AM.png

The Princess Royal and her husband, Sir Timothy Lawrence, met Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg at the women’s swimming race. Later, they were spotted at a mens swimming match where Prince Albert of Monaco was also present. Prince Albert also took a selfie with a fan. Crown Prince Fredrick of Denmark was spotted at the tennis Women’s Singles, while Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, and their children visited the Olympic village.

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