The Queen’s Mother in Law

One of my favourite documentaries, “The Queen’s Mother in Law”, features one of the most fascinating figures of the British Royal Family and has been described as:

The story of Prince Philip’s mother, who fled a Greek revolution, was experimented on by Sigmund Freud, hid Jews from the Nazis, gave her possessions away to help the poor and set up a religious order.

Click HERE to learn about Princess Alice.

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One thought on “The Queen’s Mother in Law

  1. What an extraordinary woman! Her life’s story would make for a gripping novel- except she actually lived it. Her strength of character, her no-nonsense approach to life, and her resilience when faced with dire circumstances can easily be recognized in her son. In his remarks during his mother’s recognition as “Righteous Among Nations” by the Israeli government, Prince Philip downplayed her part in saving the Cohen’s lives during Nazi occupation. That was very typical of him and she probably would have done the same. But it is a fact that she risked her life in a very real sense by doing that. Quite remarkable!

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