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Yay!🎉🎉 One Thousand Posts!! Thank you so much to all of my readers for all of your support! I do it all for you! I wanted to write a special post for my 1000th, and I’ve decided to leave it to you guys! We are reaching a point when royals are going on vacation and there will be few, if any, public appearances! I am asking for any post ideas on what you would like to see for the next two months? Also, I’d like to hear what you like about The Royal Watcher and what you would like to change?

You can either comment below, or contact me on Twitter, InstagramFacebook, or email at royalwatcher@hotmial.com!


6 thoughts on “1000!

  1. Thank you for all your hard work! You have educated and entertained us and given everyone a great deal of pleasure. Just go on doing what you are doing – I cannot think of any way to improve it! Once again, thank you….

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  2. Thank you for your hard work! I have your blog in my favorites and read it daily, sometimes three and four times a day. Your pictures are high quality and the information is accurate and interesting. I hope you continue for many more years!

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  3. Thank you for all your work, you putting into this site, I love to read all your posts, these are all so interesting and not forgetting the pictures, I really hope to read and see more pictures. Thanks, I’m so grateful!

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