Royal Visit to Canada, 1970

A few months after their massive tour to the South Pacific, the Prince of Wales and Princess Anne joined the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh for a 10-day visit to Canada on this day in 1970, to celebrate the Centennial of Manitoba and the Northwest Territories into Canada.

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The highlight of the visit to the Northwest Territories was a Dinner at the City Hall in Yellowknife, where the Queen (in the Five Aquamarine Tiara) and Duke were joined by the Prince and Princess (wearing Princess Andrew’s Meander Tiara). The visit to Manitoba ended with a Banquet in Winnipeg, after which the Queen (still wearing the Girls of Great Britain & Ireland Tiara and her Coronation Necklace and Earrings) and Duke flew back to Britain while Prince Charles and Princess Anne went on an Official Visit to the United States.


3 thoughts on “Royal Visit to Canada, 1970

  1. It looks like they encountered a bit of bad weather during their visit, eh? They appear with raincoats and holding on to their hats. And I noticed in one of the photos that the Queen is wearing a pant suit! Now, that is very rare! And Prince Philip appears with an arm brace during the whole visit. Quite an interesting visit, wasn’t it? But it looks like everyone was happy to see them, which is the really important part.

    1. The engagement with the trousers was a visit to a remote community where the royal party was attacked by bugs (it was mentioned in a documentary)! The receiving party had nets to protect them but no one thought to get some for the royal visitors. I’m surprised by the extensive amount of travelling the four of them did in 1970. This visit came after a 2 month tour in the Pacific (which ended in May), and then they spent most of the month of July in North America! It must have been exhausting for them and all the people that go with them to cover all of that!

      1. No kidding! A two month tour has to be totally exhausting! I made the mistake of booking a vacation for 21 days a couple of years ago, where I was driving around the country, visiting as many places as possible. While I did get to see a lot which was fascinating, by the time day 21 arrived I was completely spent. I know royals get a lot of help when they travel, but they’re still having to experience time zone changes, different food, crowds wherever they go, waking up in a different place on most days, which can be terribly disorienting. I remember reading somewhere that Queen Elizabeth was so distraught when the Britannia was decommissioned because she knew they were losing their “home away from home” and the ability to travel everywhere in comfort, entertaining guests surrounded by familiar things which made everything so much easier. Come to think of it, they probably saved money because they didn’t have to worry about security where they stayed.

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