Princess Viggo’s Diamond Tiara

Sad news out of London today; Lady Elizabeth Anson, the Royal Party Planner who was the daughter of a Princess Anne of Denmark, sister of the late Lord Lichfield and the Queen’s cousin has passed away from cancer at the age of 79. While we had originally been saving to feature this Tiara to mark Lady Elizabeth’s 80th Birthday next year, we find this a fitting time to share Princess Viggo’s Diamond Tiara:

Featuring a series of ornate Diamond Scrolls, the Tiara originally belonged to Princess Viggo of Denmark, a wealthy American Heiress for whom Prince Viggo of Denmark gave up his place in the line of succession. The Tiara probably originates from her though the design indicates it from the late Victorian or the Edwardian era. After Princess Viggo’s death in 1966, while most of her Jewels, like her Garnet Kokoshnik Tiara and the Opal Tiara we will be featuring in a few days, went to her nephew, Count Flemming of Rosenborg to be worn by his wife Countess Ruth, the Diamond Scroll Tiara was inherited by his brother, Prince George, who had no children and left it to his stepdaughter, Lady Elizabeth Anson. A faux copy of the Diamond Scroll Tiara was inherited by another nephew, Count Christian of Rosenborg, while a Sapphire Parure was left to another niece, Queen Anne of Romania.

Lady Elizabeth first wore Princess Viggo’s Diamond Scroll Tiara, borrowed from Prince George, at her wedding to Sir Geoffrey Shakerley, 6th Bt, at Westminster Abbey in 1972, and eventually inherited the Tiara on his death in 1986 (she could also have inherited Princess Anne’s Diamond Tiara). The Tiara was also worn by her only daughter, Fiona Shakerley, at her wedding in 2004. Lady Elizabeth was close to many royal families around Europe, and present at a plethora of occasions at which she wore Princess Viggo’s Tiara, including King Harald’s 70th Birthday in 2007.

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After wearing the Tiara at King Harald and Queen Sonja’s 80th Birthday Banquet in 2017, Lady Elizabeth, who was a bridesmaid at the Wedding of former Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands, also wore Princess Viggo’s Diamond Scroll Tiara at the Dutch State Banquet at Buckingham Palace in 2018, which seem to be the last time the Tiara was publicly worn. The Tiara has now been inherited by Lady Elizabeth’s only daughter, and lets hope we get to see this Royal Heirloom worn again someday soon!


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  1. I worked and lived in her home in the 80s. A beautiful lady great sense of humour. Wonderful memories of long late night chats. Condolences to all the family and friends. RIP from Tasmania Australia

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