Diplomatic Corps Gala Dinner at the Royal Palace Amsterdam 2016

The Dutch Royal Family attend the annual Gala Dinner for the Corps Diplomatique at the Royal Palace of Amsterdam on the evening of May 19th. This one of the most formal events in the Dutch royal calendar, attended by the King, Queen, the King’s mother former Queen Beatrix, and Princess Margriet, the King’s aunt. 

King Willem-Alexander wore White Tie with the sash of the order of Orange-Nassau. Queen wore a red gown and the Mellerio Ruby Tiara, with ruby and diamond earrings and a large diamond brooch with ruby fittings. Former Queen (now Princess) Beatrix, the King’s mother wore a sparkly blue gown with Queen Emma’s Diamond Tiara, a diamond riviere, earrings and three diamond star brooches from the Dutch Royal jewel foundation. Princess Margriet, the King’s aunt, wore a pink and purple lace gown, with the Pearl Button Tiara, pearl and diamond earrings, and a three-strand pearl necklace.

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