Queen Mathilde’s Wedding Earrings

Happy 20th Anniversary to King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium, who got married in Brussels on this day in 1999. With one of the smallest jewellery collections among her European counterparts, Queen Mathilde frequently repeats just a few limited pieces, including these Pearl and Diamond Earrings, one of the first pieces in her jewelry box, which we are featuring today-

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Featuring single sound pearls suspended from a diamond bow, the earrings were a wedding gift to the then Jonkvrouw Mathilde d’Udekem d’Acoz, who wore them for the first time on her Wedding day 20 years ago. The provenance of the earrings is unknown, though its quite likely that they were gifts from the then Crown Prince Philippe or from her parents-in-law, King Albert and Queen Paola.

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One of the earliest jewels in her jewelry box, the Pearl and Diamond Wedding Earrings have been one of her most worn pieces of jewellery, worn for a variety of events, ranging from formal and informal daytime events as well as the most glittering gala events. The earrings were also worn by Queen Mathilde on the day of King Philippe’s Accession and Inauguration.

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While they haven’t been seen as frequently since the King’s accession, Queen Mathilde’s Wedding Earrings continue to be worn, and there is no doubt we will continue to see them for years to come.


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