Queen Sirikit’s Diamond Bird Brooches

Next week, Queen Sirikit of Thailand will celebrate her 90th Birthday! The glamorous Princess who became the popular Thai Queen Consort for almost 70 years and is now the much respected Queen Mother, Queen Sirikit possesses an incredible jewellery collection, and so for the next few days leading up to her Birthday, we are featuring some of the most prominent pieces from Queen Sirikit’s Collection, continuing with the spectacular Fabergé Bird Brooches!

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In the past, these Diamond ‘Hongsa’ Swan Brooches used to be worn by Royal Children during their Tonsure Ceremony, marking the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood with a series of splendid ceremonies, which were discontinued in 1932. These specific Diamond Swan Brooches were reportedly made by Faberge during King Rama V’s visit to Russia, and feature briolette diamonds hanging from the beaks of the Swans.

Queen Sirikit began using the Fabergé Brooches in the 1950s, to decorate her shoulders when she wore Thai costumes, with the Brooches becoming an iconic part of her wardrobe in the 1960s and 1970s, usually only wearing one, though occasionally the Brooches have been worn as a pair.

Queen Sirikit has predominantly worn the Swan Brooches with traditional Thai Costumes, but sometimes has been worn with her Diamond Fringe Tiara or her Diamond Necklace Tiara. Appearences of the Brooches declined through the 1980s and 1990s, and they have not been publicly worn for decades, though lets hope they make a reappearance soon.

Thai Royal Tiaras | Diamond EarringsFabergé Diamond Bird Brooches | Diamond Bracelets



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