Princess Märtha Louise of Norway to Divorce

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, daughter of King Harald V, announced her intention to divorce her husband of 14 years, Ari Behn, on August 5th. The soon to be former couple have three daughters. Princess Märtha Louise lost the style of HRH upon her marriage, but remains 4th in line to the Norwegian throne. Princess Märtha Louise and Ari Behn were pictured together as recently as April, when they attended the King of Sweden’s Birthday banquet.

In a statement released by the Royal Court, Princess Märtha Louise said; “Life does not go smoothly. It has both Ari and I experienced, says Princess Martha Louise. – But most clearly is that now, when life has made some antics we had never envisaged. In these days goes namely we two apart. We end the marriage, but remain together in parenthood. It is unspeakably sad for both of us to discover that the road ahead does not go together in the way it used to. We have, as so many grown apart – to places we no longer meet as we did before. It is terrible to experience that there is nothing more we can do. That we have tried everything for a long time and that we still can not be met where we did before, making it impossible for us to continue. We feel guilty because we are no longer able to create the safe harbor shared our children deserve. But we hope and believe that we will manage to hold on to friendship through what lies ahead. We pray and hope that we get peace in this sensitive process.Children need time to digest, grieve and find new footing – each one separately. We are just people we grown-ups too.” The King and Queen of Norway said; It is painful and sad – also for us who stand around. We are pleased to Ari and are grateful for all that we as a family have experienced together.We want a good relationship with Ari in the future.

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