Duchess of Sussex on International Women’s Day Panel

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The Duchess of Sussex joined a panel discussion convened by The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust to mark International Women’s Day at King’s College London on March 8th. In front of an audience of students, opinion formers and young leaders, the Duchess joined the panel to discuss the importance of International Women’s Day, and the spotlight it can bring to obstacles which still affect female empowerment across the world, including access to education and limitations within employment. The discussion also covered the positive opportunities that come when women are given wider access and equal opportunity, whether that be in the UK or elsewhere in the world. It was also announced that the Duchess of Sussex will take on the role of Vice-President for The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.


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  1. I like the Duchess’ dress, but I think it’s a wee too short for her to cross her legs. She should follow the “royal rule” of not crossing your legs lest you show more than is appropriate for a duchess. There are too many cameras around to take the risk!

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