Revenge of the Romanovs

July 2018 marks the centenary of the execution of the former Russian Imperial Family in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution. To mark the centenary, we are taking a look at ten outstanding documentaries and programs about the Romanovs. Today’s feature is the Revenge of the Romanovs-


2 thoughts on “Revenge of the Romanovs

  1. Many years ago I watched a movie called “Gorky Park”. It was a detective thriller set in Communist Russia and the forensic doctor used the technique of reconstructing a face from a skeleton in the hope of identifying the victim. I thought it was science fiction at the time, but I see that it is actually used! I guess the Romanov’s revenge is that they haven’t been forgotten in spite of all that was done to erase them from memory. I’m glad!

  2. Watched the whole vid and it is no good read. Was wondering about the title. I will use yours BlueSaphire70. They are a matter of historical relevance, whether the Bolsheviks would be happy or not. The betrayal from their European kin is also intriguing, and disappointing.

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