Culture and Sport Gala at Christiansborg Palace, 2009

The Danish Royal Family attended the Culture and Sport Gala at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen in March 2009. Take a look at scenes from the Gala below-

The Gala Dinner and subsequent Ball took place in the famous Great Hall of Christiansborg Palace.

Queen Margrethe wore (my personal favourite) pink gown with the Baden Palmette Tiara, diamond riviere, earrings, and floral brooch. Prince Henrik wore Black Tie with a purple jacket and floral waistcoat.

Crown Prince Frederik wore Black Tie. Crown Princess Mary wore a purple Alexander McQueen gown with her Wedding Tiara and amethyst drop earrings.

Prince Joachim wore Black Tie. Princess Marie wore a purple gown with her Dagmar Floral Tiara.

Princess Benedikte wore a strapless gown and chiffon coat with Queen Sofia’s Pearl and Diamond Tiara and pearls.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 11.57.27 PM.png


3 thoughts on “Culture and Sport Gala at Christiansborg Palace, 2009

  1. I agree that this is one of Queen Margrethe’s best gowns! It fits her perfectly, it looks youthful and regal at the same time, and the color really favors her. She has worn quite a few really nice gowns over the years. I don’t know if you’ve done it before, but I think it’d be super if you could put together a “Best of Queen Margrethe’s Gowns” piece. 🙂

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