Oddest Facts About Royals Through History

Royal families are always the subject of intense speculation and media coverage.

Royal weddings and events are often broadcast worldwide, with an address from the Queen drawing huge figures in Canada in 2020. Even 40 years after the event, the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana is big news here, with Global News explaining how a new documentary became available for Commonwealth viewers. It covers all aspects of the wedding, including the fascinating fact that Lady Diana was the first bride of a British heir without a Royal title in over 300 years.

Little facts like that, not only about the British Royal Family, but all monarchs, fuel the interest of Royal watchers. That’s why we’ve scoured the record books to find other fascinating facts about Royals through time which you may not know. Enjoy. Continue reading

The Jokers in the Deck: The Most Controversial Royal Couples of All Time

Being a British Royal means living your life under the microscopic eye of the world’s media. Any story, no matter how small, can seem big when it involves a Royal. Some scandals are big; they envelop individuals and consume them, to a point where their personal lives are parodied, joked about and discussed as if we knew every detail. Nobody knows every detail of a Royal’s life; it is only assumed, which can be dangerous to form opinion and discussion.
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