Vladimir Tiara

This week marks the 70th Anniversary of the Death of Queen Mary! The Teck Princess who lived through the reigns of six monarchs and was the Queen Consort for twenty-five years, as well as a Queen Mother to two Kings and the Queen Grandmother to Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Mary assembled much of the British Royal Family’s spectacular Jewellery Collection, so we are featuring some of the jewels in the days leading up to the anniversary, continuing with the Vladimir Tiara!

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Greville Diamond Chandelier Earrings 

Today marks the Anniversary of the Birth of Dame Margaret Greville, the Hon Mrs Greville, who was born on this day in 1863! The illegitimate daughter of a brewery millionaire, she married the son of a Baron, and became a noted Society Hostess, from her magnificent home at Polesden Lacey, getting close to the Queen Mother, to whom she left her enormous Jewellery Collection, so to mark the Anniversary today, we are featuring the Greville Diamond Chandelier Earrings!

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The Commonwealth is not ‘Empire 2.0’ 

A Guest Post

Since the release of the first portion of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Netflix docuseries two days ago, the media has been getting hoarse about how the, rather bland, program is damaging for the Royal Family, while the main target was no doubt the media themselves. However, in my opinion the most damaging portion of the documentary was the misinformation about the Empire and the Commonwealth of Nations, which maliciously attacks the legacy of the late Queen. 

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Royal Guests at the Wedding of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark

Today marks the 75th Anniversary of the Wedding of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip of Greece, the Duke of Edinburgh, who got married on this day in 1947! The British Heiress marrying the Greek Prince, Royal Guests and Relatives from around the world joined the British Royal Family for the nuptials which were the first gathering of Royalty following the Second World War, so we are featuring a guide to the Royal Guests at the Wedding! 

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Wedding Gifts of Queen Elizabeth II

When Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) married Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark 75 years ago, the couple received over 2,500 gifts, which were sent from family, heads-of-state, and well-wishers around the world, which included spectacular Royal Heirlooms alongside household items, food, and clothing. The gifts were displayed at St James’s Palace between November 1947 and March 1948, and were seen by over 200,000 visitors.

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Queen’s Three-Strand Pearl Necklace

At the start of this month, we featured the Queen’s Belgian Sapphire Tiara, Brazilian Aquamarine Tiara, and Burmese Ruby Tiara as well as the Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II, as part of a reflective look at the jewels worn by the late Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away last month, which leads us to the jewel worn by the late Queen almost every day for over seven decades; her Three-Strand Pearl Necklace. Continue reading