Hereditary Prince Peter of Serbia renounces Succession Rights

Hereditary Prince Peter of Serbia and Yugoslavia, the oldest son of the Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia and Princess Maria da Gloria of Orleans-Braganza, abdicated in favour of his younger brother Prince Philip, on the 27th of April 2022 in the Casa de Pilatos in Seville, so a Serbian friend of The Royal Watcher, Mirko Savkic, has written a guest post detailing the renunciation!

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Why the media doesn’t want you to know the Caribbean Royal Tour is a success

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For those who have been following the individual engagements of the Caribbean Royal Tour in detail, the Tour seems to be a massive success, but just a glance at a headline or on social media may tell you a different story. As someone who has followed the royals, and dozens of royal tours, for decades, it is clear that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have not put a step wrong but instead this entire prefabricated narrative is being thrust upon them! Continue reading

A Queen’s Jewellery Box

There were a series of spectacular events originally scheduled to mark the Golden Jubilee of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark this month, and while most of the events have been rescheduled for late summer, the opening of the splendid exhibition ‘A Queen’s Jewelry Box/En Dronnings Smykkeskrin‘ at the Amalienborg Palace Museum has gone ahead after a week’s delay. The exhibition was one of the main reasons I had scheduled to go to Copenhagen for the Jubilee, and while I will likely go see it sometime in the summer, my Danish friend, Kasper Wiigh, has already paid a couple of visits, and much to my delight, agreed to share his experience with us! Continue reading

5 Pre-Owned Royal Cartier Watches For Women To Gift In 2021

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Cartier is renowned for being the pioneers of the most stunning gold timepieces. Cartier’s premium quality is undeniable due to its illustrious history. Their signature designs are crafted from the finest karat gold, evoking the brand’s long-standing tradition of timeless luxury. Just like how a beautiful woman possesses the femininity of a lovely lady, purchasing a Cartier watch for women represents the best gift choice for her. Getting a Cartier Royal Cartier watch for the women you admire is one of the most unique and special gestures you can make towards her.

Here we bring you an amazing list of Cartier watches that have previously been owned by royalty and would make for an amazing present for a lovely woman: Continue reading

Horse Racing – A Royal Sport

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Horse racing is one of the oldest sports known to humanity. Its early forms can be spotted hundreds of years ago. Since then, the sport has managed to grow a lot and become one of the most recognizable in the world.

In the UK, horse racing is now even considered a royal sport. With that being said, we wanted to take a look at some famous horse racing events and take a closer look at the influence that this sport has these days. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the details.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex: Thoughts after the Oprah Interview

A Guest Post by @RoyalArjan

When I write this, the interview the whole world is talking about and shook the monarchy, was broadcast almost a week ago. Many, many articles in newspapers, magazines, websites have been published and many, many people have commented it about it on social media, where emotions are running high.

I had expected the interview to be bad news for the monarchy, but I (and many with me) had not expected the interview to be so devastating and destructive. Though the writing had been on the wall actually – for quite some time.

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What can we learn about immigration from the Royal Family?

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We all know that the UK’s Royal Family occupies a special place in our collective unconscious. Their decisions and actions are followed by millions of people around the world. They are careful to lead by example and promote worthy causes.

One area where we can all learn from the Royal Family’s influence is on the positive benefits of immigration. We know that the current Royal House has a connection to German nobility. Does that mean the family are actually German-British? What does this mean for British identity?

Let’s explore the topic in some further detail, starting with how the Royal Family makes an impact abroad.

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The Most Educated Royals in the Modern UK History

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After getting some desirable academic qualifications, people become members of the royal family. Such members recognize and participate in events such as major celebrations and opening new buildings.

Royals in the UK have attended popular institutions such as the Eton College, Cambridge University, and the like. Some attend royal military colleges instead of a University or even qualify to move to the next level before their peers. This post highlights some of the most educated royals in modern UK history. Continue reading

Queen Letizia Of Spain Battled Anxiety Prior To Her Wedding

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Anxiety isn’t a new thing in royal weddings: from Prince William and Kate Middleton (who confided in the Archbishop of Canterbury their fears about the pressures that public scrutiny could put on their marriage) right through to Prince Harry, who was filled with “nerves” at his wedding (in stark contrast to what the Express called Meghan Markle’s “formidable poise”). Recently, it was revealed that Queen Letizia of Spain (who wed King Felipe VI in March, 2004) also encountered anxiety and doubt. It was exactly one month before her wedding, when she had stepped into the atelier of renowned designer, Pertegaz. She was said to have had an argument with her betrothed prior to her visit to the fashion house, and to have announced that the wedding was off – as reported in Spanish newspaper, El Español.

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