Today in Royal History | December 23


The Death of Infanta Maria Cristina of Spain in 1996

[Diamond Tiara | Queen Victoria Eugenie’s Cartier Pearl Tiara | Infanta Isabel’s Mellerio Emerald Tiara | Queen Victoria Eugenie’s Chaumet Tiara | Queen Maria Cristina’s Diamond Bow Brooch]

The 69th Birthday of Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia

The 79th Birthday of Queen Silvia of Sweden

[Leuchtenberg Sapphire Parure | Connaught Diamond Tiara | Swedish Cameo Parure | Napoleonic Amethyst Parure | Modern Fringe Tiara | Swedish Processional Necklace | Bernadotte Emerald ParurePink Topaz Parure | Diamond Stomacher Necklace | Diamond Epaulette Earrings | Five Pearl BroochPearl Brooch | Pearl Corsage Brooch | Swedish Royal Tiaras]

The 89th Birthday of Emperor Akihito of Japan

The Birth of the Countess of Barcelona in 1910

[Cartier Loop Tiara | Spanish Fleur-de-Lys Tiara | Mellerio Shell Tiara | Sapphire TiaraEmerald SuitePearl BroochRuby Clip Brooch | Pearl Bow BroochPearl Bracelet | Strawberry Leaf Brooches]

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Emperor Akihito’s Birthday Audiences

Queen Silvia’s 50th Birthday in 1993

The Christening of Princess Eugenie of York in 1990

Princess Diana’s Performance at the Royal Opera House in 1985

The Engagement of the Duke of Anjou and Carmen Martínez-Bordiú in 1971 

Christmas Pantomime at Windsor Castle in 1944

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