Today in Royal History | November 26


The Birth of Queen Maud of Norway in 1869

[Queen Maud’s Pearl Tiara | Diamond Tiara | Diamond Circlet | Queen Alexandra’s Turquoise Circlet | Diamond Chandelier Earrings | Seed Pearl Choker | Diamond and Pearl Brooch  | Drapers’ Company Brooch | Aquamarine Brooch | Diamond Brooch | Pearl Bow Brooch | Norwegian Royal Tiaras]

 The Birth of Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia in 1847

[Empress Maria Feodorovna’s Pearl Drop Tiara | Maria Feodorovna’s Sapphire Bandeau |  Sapphire Choker | Pearl Earrings | Sapphire Brooch | Diamond Pendant]


The Wedding of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Princess Alix of Hesse in 1894

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Thanksgiving Dinner in London in 1958 

The Battle of Balaclava Centenary Ball in 1954

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