Archduchess Helene’s Diamond Necklace Tiara 

Happy Birthday to Archduchess Helen of Austria, who celebrates her 85th Birthday today! Born the illustrious Countess Helen zu Toerring-Jettenbach, she married an Austrian Archduke and is quite prominent in European Royal Circles. We have already featured Archduchess Helen’s splendid Vladimir Fringe Tiara, so today we are focusing on a less well-known piece, her Diamond Necklace Tiara!

Vladimir Fringe Tiara | Diamond Necklace Tiara

But first, lets Learn about Archduchess Helen! The daughter of Count Carl Theodor of Törring-Jettenbach and Princess Elisabeth of Greece and Denmark, she was the granddaughter of Prince Nicholas of Greece and Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna, Countess Helen is the niece of the Duchess of Kent  and Princess Paul of Yugoslavia and cousin of the Duke of Kent, Princess Alexandra, and Prince Michael of Kent, Prince Alexander, and Princess Elisabeth of Yugoslavia. Growing up at Schloß Frauenbühl, Schloss Seefeld and the Palais Toerring-Jettenbach in Munich, Countess Helen grew up in the midst of the Second World War, though after the peace, the family resumed attending Royal events througout Europe. In 1956, the Countess married Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, and the couple had three children, Archduchess Elisabeth, Archduchess Sophie, and Archduke Maximilian, living in various European countries, until his death in 2004. The Archduchess has remained close with their many royal relations. We wish HIH a very Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!

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When Countess Helen zu Toerring-Jettenbach married Archduke Ferdinand of Austria in 1956, 114 Princes and Princesses, 18 Dukes and Duchesses, and over 100 Counts, Countesses, Barons and Baronesses gathered for a spectacular Wedding Ball in Munich, at which Countess Helene wore an antique diamond bandeau, which may be a Toerring-Jettenbach Heirloom or come from the the Habsburg Family.


In 2011, Archduchess Helen was photographed at an event (possibly for the Duke of Edinburgh’s 90th Birthday) with her distant cousin, Queen Elizabeth II, and she wore a diamond necklace that bore resemblance to the Tiara worn for her Wedding Ball, meaning that it is the same piece. Lets hope we get to see this splendid Heirloom worn again soon!

Vladimir Fringe Tiara | Diamond Necklace Tiara


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  1. This necklace is very beautiful. It seems to shine and sparkle greatly, so the diamonds must of the first quality. I wish Archduchess Helen much joy on attaining such a significant birthday!

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