Today in Royal History | February 13


The Death of Prince Henrik of Denmark in 2018

[Queen Margrethe’s Engagement Ring | Wedding Earrings | Gold, Ruby, and Pearl Parure | Modern Turquoises | Diamond Flower Brooch | Tahitian Pearl Necklace]

The Death of Princess Eugenie of Greece in 1989

[Diamond Tiara | Radziwiłł Tiara | Cartier Olive Wreath Tiara | Castel Duino Sapphire Necklace]

The Birth of Princess Irene, Duchess of Aosta in 1904

[Diamond Tiara]

Royal Events OTD

The Spanish State Visit to Morocco in 2019

The Prince and Princess of Wales in India in 1992

The British State Visit to Kuwait in 1979

The Danish State Visit to Norway in 1960

Royal Events Today

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