Today in Royal History | December 11


The Death of the Countess of Romanones in 2017

[Jewels of the Countess of Romanones]

The 78th Birthday of Princess Claude of Orleans

[Savoy Aosta Knot and Star Tiara]

The Death of Princess Victoria Louise, Duchess of Brunswick in 1980

[Brunswick Tiara | Diamond Necklace Tiara| Emerald Laurel Wreath Tiara | Prussian Diamond Tiara | Diamond Brooch]

Royal Events OTD

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend Pantomime at The London Palladium in 2020

King’s Dinner for Nobel Laureates

2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016 ]

Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace in 2019

Funeral of Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands in 2004

10 Downing Street 250th Anniversary Dinner in 1985

The Midnight Matinee at London Coliseum in 1951

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor at the Plaza Hotel in 1946

The Abdication of King Edward VIII in 1936

Royal Events Today

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