Today in Royal History | October 24


The Birth of Princess Gina of Liechtenstein in 1921

[Hapsburg Fringe Tiara | Sapphire Parure | Diamond Earrings |Diamond Choker]

The Death of Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna in 1920 

[Bolin Ruby Tiara | Fringe Tiara | Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Diamond Tiara]

The Birth of Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain in 1887

[Spanish Royal Tiaras | Empress Eugenie’s Emeralds | Aquamarine Parure | Cartier Stomacher]


The Wedding of Lady May Cambridge in 1931

Royal Events OTD

Banquet at Christiansborg Palace in 2018

Queen at Covent Garden in 1968

The Thai State Visit to The Netherlands in 1960

Royal Events Today

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