10th Anniversary of July 22 Attacks

The Norwegian Royal Family was out in full force to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of July 22 Attacks. The July 22nd Attacks were carried out by right-wing terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik, who killed eight people by detonating a van bomb in in Oslo, and then killed 69 participants of a Summer Camp in a mass shooting on the Island of Utøya. 

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In the morning, Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette Marit attended a commemorative event at the the Government Office Complex in Oslo, after which King Harald and Queen Sonja attended a Memorial Service at Oslo Cathedral. Later, the Crown Prince attended a Memorial Service at the Hole Church.

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Later in the afternoon, Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette Marit were joined by Princess Ingrid Alexandra to attend a commemorative event on Utøya Island, where 69 people were killed in a mass shooting. Among the victims was the Crown Princess’s step-brother.

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That evening, King Harald and Queen Sonja were joined by Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette Marit, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, and Prince Sverre Magnus as they attended the national memorial ceremony to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of July 22 Attacks at the Oslo Spektrum. King Harald gave a speech:

From north to south live parents who want a teenage child in their hearts forever. Siblings who always want a brother or sister too little. People who miss a mother or father, a boyfriend, a friend or a colleague.

But the light is stronger than the darkness, said the King. It is clear when you see what unimaginable strength resides in each and every one of us:

When I look at several of those who survived this day, I wonder what they are made of. Many of them are committed, together with young people all over our country, to Norway being a good place to live for everyone. They show us that light is stronger than darkness.

It is my hope that we can help each other live the lessons of July 22 every day, in all that we are and do. At the same time, we must acknowledge that we as a society have not done nearly enough to see, to help, to carry the burden together – and to counteract the dark forces. This is what I’m sorry about. King Harald.

Through this Memorial Day, the need to learn from the attacks and fight hate speech, racism and extremism has been highlighted.

As a nation, we have a common responsibility to inaugurate new generations in the lessons from July 22, said King Harald. We owe this to all those killed, the relatives, those affected – and ourselves. Both to become better people, to become a wiser people, and to create an even better Norway for those who come after us.

Our country is built on all people being equally valuable. It is built on freedom of speech. It is built on the fact that we tolerate disagreements and seek compromises. Our foundation was not changed after July 22, 2011. All of this still characterizes our Norway today.

The expensive lesson from July 22 must be, among other things: That we must stand up for equality and human rights. That we must have respect for the fact that we are different. That we must fight for what we believe in – by peaceful means.


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