Princess Grace’s Diamond Flower Brooch

The 12th of November will mark the 90th Anniversary of the Birth of Princess Grace of Monaco, the glamorous American Actress who became the Princess Consort of the small Mediterranean Principality, so we are featuring her Top 9 jewels, continuing with her Diamond Flower Brooch.

Featuring a large cut diamond surrounded by a pave-set diamond flower, the provenance of the piece is unknown but the maker is most likely Cartier of  Van Cleef & Arpels, like most of the Princess’ jewels.

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First appearing in the late-1950s, Princess Grace often wore her Diamond Flower Brooch for daytime events. Not possessing the large heirloom collection of her contemporaries, the Princess was left to build her jewellery collection from scratch, mostly gifts from Prince Rainier.

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Princess Grace also used her Diamond Flower Brooch to pin her Sash of the Order of Saint-Charles for White Tie and gala events, with her Bains de Mer Tiara and her Diamond Tiara.

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The Diamond Flower Brooch was also used a a hair pin, affixed onto Princess Grace’s exquisite hairstyles of the 1950s and 1960s. She continued to wear the brooch throughout her life, until her untimely death in 1982.

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After her death, Princess Grace’s Diamond Flower Brooch, like most of her jewels, probably went into the ‘Palais Princier Collection’, but has only been worn by her elder daughter, Princess Caroline of Hanover, who seems to be wearing the brooch at the Monaco National Day Gala in 1983, the year after her mother’s death, though the image quality is too poor to be certain. Unlike her other jewels, the brooch has not been displayed, though with a few of Princess Grace’s jewels having reappeared recently, lets hope this brooch makes a reappearance.


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