Queen Sonja’s Emerald Bead Suite

Happy Birthday to Queen Sonja of Norway, who turns 82 today! Her jewellery collection includes a nice mix of heirloom jewels and modern acquisitions, including today’s piece, her Emerald Bead Suite.

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Featuring a necklace of three strands of emerald beads with two Art Deco diamond clasps and emerald bead tassel earrings, the suite is reportedly from Cartier and said to be a gift from a Middle Eastern or Southeast Asian Royal Family. One of the first appearences of the suite was at Princess Martha Louise’s pre-wedding dinner in 2002.

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Queen Sonja wears the Napoleonic Emerald Parure for White Tie occasions, so has reserved her Emerald Bead Suite for Black Tie Dinners, most notably at various Nobel Peace Prize Galas and weddings. There is no doubt we will continue to see it for years to come.


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