Queen Sofia’s Ruby Dove Parure

Queen Sofia of Spain is celebrating her 80th Birthday next week, and to mark her milestone birthday, we are taking a look at 8 pieces from the jewellery collection of the Greek Princess who became the first consort of the restored monarchy of modern Spain, starting with her Ruby Dove Parure- 

The Ruby Dove Parure, consisting of a necklace of gold and diamond doves joined by a ruby wreath gift and a ruby bead chain with coordinating earrings, was a gift to Queen Sofia from one of the members of the Saudi Royal Family, probably during the 1977 Spanish State Visit to Saudi Arabia or King Khalid’s 1981 State Visit to Spain. Queen Sofia notably wore the Parure at a State banquet in the 1980s, and it then seems to have been retired to the Vault.

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In 2017, the earrings were loaned by Queen Sofia to her daughter-in-law, Queen Letizia, who wore them on the first day of the Spanish State Visit to Japan, and a few months later to listen to King Felipe’s Speech to the British Parliament during the Spanish State Visit to Britain. Like we will see with many of Queen Sofia’s Parures loaned to her daughter-in-law, the earrings are more frequently worn than the necklaces, and we have still to see the necklace of the Ruby Dove Parure return.


One thought on “Queen Sofia’s Ruby Dove Parure

  1. Yes, it seems Queen Letizia is not much of a fan of necklaces, at least she doesn’t seem to wear them as often as she does earrings. TBH, in this instance I also prefer the earrings to the necklace. The latter seems a bit short. The doves’ wings seem to cut into the wearer’s neck or something. Maybe with a little bit more length? Maybe use the doves as brooches?

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