Crown Princess Marie Chantal’s JAR Earrings

Happy Birthday to Crown Princess Marie Chantal of Greece, who turns 50 today! The wealthy Heiress who is married to the former Crown Prince of Greece attends a plethora of grand events, and while her main Miller Fringe Tiara belong to her daughter, we are taking a look at her JAR Earrings.

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In 2006, Crown Princess Marie Chantal wore these Diamond infinity hoop earrings at the 60th Birthday Celebrations of King Carl Gustaf of Sweden (a first cousin of her mother-in-law, Queen Anne Marie). They were created by the mysterious American-born and Paris-based jeweller, JAR (Joel Arthur Rosenthal), who creates limited pieces for specific clients. The earrings have become staples in Crown Princess Marie Chantal’s jewellery box, often seen at notable occasions including the Wedding of Prince Nikolaos of Greece, the Wedding of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg, and King Harald and Queen Sonja’s 80th Birthday Gala.

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Crown Princess Marie Chantal also owns another pair of JAR earrings, these ones feature a diamond encrusted hoop with a pink stone cluster. The earrings were first seen at the pre-wedding dinner of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and subsequent appearances include Queen Margrethe’s Ruby Jubilee, when the earrings were paired with Queen Sophie’s Diamond Tiara.


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  1. I’m not much of a fan of these earrings, though I’m sure they must have cost a pretty penny. They’re just not elegant enough for formal wear, and especially not with such a tiara as Queen Sophie’s Diamond tiara. I’m afraid the earrings there looked like something from the dollar store. 🙁

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